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IXOS XHT801-150 1.5m Silver Plated Scart to Scart Lead
IXOS XHT801 (XHT801-150) 1.5m Silver plated PC-OFC Ingot Scart to Scart lead.

  • IXOS finest 21 pin fully wired Scart to Scart offers full plug and play flexibility.
  • RGB wired for professional performance.
  • Black cast metal IXOS Scart plug eliminates electromagnetic interference and picture shimmer.
  • True 75 Ohm OFC cable construction ensures faithful picture & sound transmission.
  • Twin screen technology eliminates RF (radio frequency) interference for better colour & image definition.
  • Ideal for interconnection of VCRs, satellite receivers, digi boxes & DVD players to televisions and plasma tvs etc.
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    Our Price: £49.99 inc VAT
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The IXOS XHT801 Silver Scart interconnect is the ultimate SCART cable. Manufactured to the highest standards using the best materials available. All conducting cores use Silver Plated Oxygen Free Copper for incredible picture resolution. The XHT801 also employ“s a Silver Plated Oxygen Free Copper braid with an Aluminium-Mylar Foil wrap to completely eliminate RF (radio frequency) interference.

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