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IXOS XHV904-100 1m Component Video Cable
The most eagerly awaited cable of 2005 has arrived, the IXOS XHV904-100 1m component video cable with silverplated OFC conductors (SP-OFC). The XHV 904-100 features 3 phono connectors each end and delivers studio quality performance.

  • Ixos finest component video cable
  • Silver plated positive conductors provide the highest level of colour saturation and sharpness
  • Large 75 ohm design for extended bandwidth.
  • True 75 ohm impedance with 4 layer shielding ensure faithful picture transmission.
  • Superior noise rejection.
  • Low loss solid barrel phono connectors for the ultimate interface integrity.
  • In Stock   SRP 99.99
        Our Price: 94.99 inc VAT
        You save 5.00 (5.00%)
    SKU: XHV904-100   Quantity:

    The IXOS XHV904 Component Video interconnect takes advantage of the best materials and manufacturing quality available to provide an unmatched level of performance. Three separate 75ohm High Grade Silver Plated Oxygen Free Copper conductors are used to transmit the delicate Video signal, each conductor uses heavy quad shielding to ensure the best level of noise immunity. Gold Plated IXOS RCA connectors are used to maximize signal transfer and ensure a reliable long-term connection.

    Component Video is the best signal format to use with DVD as DVD disks are encoded with component video. The signal is carried in 3 components referred to as YUV or YPrPb. The 3 components are a Luminance channel (Y) and two colour difference channels, red (Pr) and blue (Pb). The green component is inferred from the other channels.

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