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IXOS XHD408-100 (105) 1m Digital Audio Coaxial Cable
IXOS XHD408-100 (105) 1m twin screened digital audiophile interconnect, RCA to RCA (phono).

  • Improved three-dimensional depth.
  • Accurate imaging and staging.
  • 0.63mmm 75 ohm PC-OFC signal conductors encased in PE foam insulation.
  • Twin OFC braid plus Mylar wrap for excellent noise rejection.
  • High tech gold plated hard enamel RCA connectors maximise signal transfer.
  • Perfect for coaxial digital audio connections between DVD, Digiboxes, freeview boxes and TV, Amplifiers or Hi-Fi etc.
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    Our Price: 23.99 inc VAT
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Designed for utilising the coaxial output from a DVD or CD player, the IXOS XHD408 is rated at a true 75 ohms and accurately reproduces the full spectrum of digital capabilities.
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